AV Integration

Reliable, Scalable and Intuitive.

EnterpriseVision’s approach to AV Integration is simple. We deliver solutions that are reliable, scalable and most importantly intuitive and easy to use. We take the time to understand what our customers want, have the experience and knowledge to define what they need and propose a design that intersects with their desired business outcomes. We treat each AV project as a custom engagement and collaborate with our customers to define a solution that addresses their unique needs.

Huddle Rooms

The work environment has undergone dramatic changes in recent years.   The way groups and teams collaborate and share information has changed with distributed work teams that include office workers, remote workers, and outside contractors. Today’s teams are looking for more spontaneous meetings with smaller workgroups. Huddle Rooms are meeting spaces that allow groups of users to not only gather and brainstorm ideas and discuss issues, but to get work done.

EnterpriseVision designs Huddle Rooms to seat 2-6 users, allows for PC connectivity to a single monitor for content viewing, and has a conference phone.  This standard Huddle Room configuration can be further enhanced by adding a touch screen monitor for annotation capabilities and the integration of Unified Communications tools and services from EnterpriseVision’s UC&C portfolio.

Collaboration Rooms

For those meetings where a Huddle Room is just not large enough, multifunctional spaces known as Collaboration Rooms are the answer.  EnterpriseVision Collaboration Rooms can support 6-20+ users with PC connectivity from multiple sources to multi monitors, projectors, or both. These rooms are typically designed with an integrated audio system that will be used to support audio calls and a control system to create a seamless easy to use interface for your end users.

Our team will work with you to determine the right mix of Huddle and Collaboration rooms to meet your meeting needs.

Videoconferencing Rooms

When you need to bridge the distance between people in your world, there is no substitute for videoconferencing.  While videoconferencing capabilities can often be added to a Huddle or Collaboration Room, many of our customers also deploy purpose built Videoconferencing Rooms as well.

EnterpriseVision offers best in class products through strategic relationships with leading vendors such as Polycom, Cisco, LifeSize, and others. These relationships keep us up to date on the latest videoconferencing technologies and give us access to world class support.

Not ready to invest in your own bridges for multisite calls?   EnterpriseVision’s cloud bridging service eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure equipment. Pay as you go or fixed cost options are available.


Workplace trends and new technology are transforming even the executive boardroom.  While it is still the center of the decision-making process; a meeting space where professionals collaborate, present and direct, today’s boardroom is an integrated, interoperable collaboration space.    Modern boardrooms need to provide a seamless audiovisual experience to enable presenters to share information more effectively with meeting attendees.

Retractable microphones, projector lifts, custom touch panel interfaces, large screen displays, and touch sensitive videowall structures, are just some of the elements found in boardrooms designed by EnterpriseVision experts.

EnterpriseVision’s design team works closely with our customers to define the use cases and the desired meeting experience, while coordinating with architects and other trades to ensure a professionally integrated finish.

Educational Learning Centers

EnterpriseVision is helping schools, colleges and universities to enable next-generation teaching and learning and improve administrative efficiency.  Distance learning and e-learning enable institutions to deliver more engaging content to both on-campus and remote students and typically include incorporating videoconferencing technology with an electronic whiteboard, or interactive touch screen monitor. Because classrooms often share resources, many of our customers find that using a mobile cart system that can be moved between rooms can expand the reach of the system, resulting in more students having access to these technologies.

Let EnterpriseVision experts help your school find innovative ways to bring students together.